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Truckee Tahoe Fly Fishing Report December 8th, 2023

This post will focus the on the Truckee and Little Truckee Rivers. Since my last report the weather has cooled significantly and we have hand a couple of snow storms. I would say that winter has arrived even if the calendar says differently. Access is still good on both rivers but can change pretty quickly with some rain or snow. Check the forecast before coming up. The water has cooled quite a bit on the Truckee and the fishing has slowed along with it. The Little Truckee, being a tailwater fishery, has less effect from the cold mornings we have been having lately but has cooled some as well. With that said its time to switch to winter techniques. Add some layers and maybe heated socks. Head out during the heat of the day. Nymphing will be my first choice and targeting the slower deeper portions of the river as well. Keep and eye on the temps if it warms up into the 50's for a few days in a row that may start to activate the bugs and the fish. Remember, it is the slowest fishing time of the year.

Usually, I would also suggest that the skiing would be better than the fishing but that is behind as well. The ski resorts are open on limited terrain. I will say that the snow conditions are pretty decent at Alpine. One option is to ski for a few hours in the morning and try to hit the river in the middle of the day.

This will be my last update until the New Year and I want to say thanks to all of you who follow this blog and fish with me. I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season! If you are looking for a gift for the fly fisher in you life I sell #Giftcertificates and they make great gifts or stocking stuffers...Just sayin!

Angler holding a fish
Alex with one on the dry!

Truckee River Conditions

The flows on the Truckee River are 63cfs above town and 427cfs at Boca on down to stateline. Water temps are in the upper 30's. The water is very clear. Access is good at this time.

Truckee River Tactics

Truckee River Tactics for this time of year are to prep for the cold and wear appropriate gear. Fish the heat of the day, fish smaller bugs, and fish low and slow. This is nymphing season and you may have to work a spot for several drifts before moving on. However, any signifacant warm up could see some Midges and BWO's on top.

Truckee River Suggested Flies

For dry flies try the Parachute Adams 16-22, Thorax Dun 16-22, Elk Hair Caddis 16-18, Royal Wulff 14-16, Chubby Chernoble 10-12, Quigley Cripples 14-18, and E/C Caddis 16-20. For nymphs: Haresear 14-18, Burks Bottom Roller 14-16, Micro May 16-20, Rainbow Warrior 16-20, Zebra Midge 18-22, Pheasant Tail 16-20, Flashback PT 16-20, Perdigons 16-18, SJW, Copper Johns 16-20, Prospector 16-18, Frenchie 14 -18, Rubber legs 8-12, Kauffman Stone 8-12, Twenty Incher 8-10, and Princes 10-16.

Truckee River Summary

The Truckee River is fishing pretty slow with the colder water temps. Access for parking is good at this time(little to no snow on ground). Fish during the heat of the day and dress appropriately for conditions. Good luck.

two anglers and a dog fly fishing
Beautiful fall/winter day on the Little Truckee

Little Truckee River Conditions

The Little Truckee River is flowing 149cfs. Water temps are in the low 40's. The clarity is good. Access is good with little to no snow on the road.

Little Truckee River Tactics

The Tactics for the Little Truckee are pretty much the same as the Truckee River.  Fish the heat of the day, fish smaller bugs, and fish low and slow. Any overcast and there could be a hatch of midges and BWO'S. Might be short lived however.

Little Truckee River Suggested Flies

Little Truckee suggested flies for Dries: Parachute Adams 14-22, Elk Hair Caddis 16-20, E/C Caddis 16/20, Quigley Cripple 16-20, Thorax Dun 16-22, Hackle Stacker 18-20, Emergers 16-22, RS2 20-22, Griffiths Gnat 18-20, and Compara Dun 16-22. For nymphs: Haresear 14-18, Brassie 16-20, AP nymph 16-20, Micro May 16-20, Rainbow Warrior 16-20, Barrs emerger 14-18, Pheasant Tail 16-20, Flashback PT 16-20, Juju Beatis 16-20, Perdigons 16-18, SJW, Copper Johns 16-20, Zebra Midge 16-22, and Princes 16-18.

Little Truckee River Summary

The Little Truckee River is fishing a little better than the Truckee River at this time. Access is good. Better get out there while you can.

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