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Truckee Tahoe Fly Fishing Report July 13th, 2023

Greetings from Truckee. This report will focus on the Truckee and Little Truckee Rivers. The water flows have dropped into shape quite nicely and temps are still good thanks to our cool over night temps. The Bugs are hatching and the fish are starting to look up. Time to bust out that dry fly rod! The smaller streams are in good shape as well. How often can we say that in mid-July! Really super conditions right now through out the Truckee area. Oh, and the Mosquitoes are out in force.

Thanks to Reno Orvis for hosting my trout spey seminar on June 28th. And, thank you to all that attended and asked questions. Hope to see you out there giving the two hander a go. I still have space available in my clinics. Sign up learn some stuff.

Upcoming clinics

Trout Spey Clinic: July 15th. In conjunction with Reno Orvis, this is a full-day intro to the the nuances of Spey Casting for trout on the Truckee River. Cost for the on-the-water clinic is $285/ person and space is limited.

Truckee Area Sampler Two Day Clinic: July 19th and 20th. A two-day tour of the area with stops on the Truckee, Little Truckee, and other waters with tips on how to fish them. Cost is $570 for the two days and space is limited. This one is for the intermediate to advanced angler looking to see some water and sharpen various skills.

Contact Brian to sign up for either clinic at 530-386-0525 or

Angler holding a fish
Andrew with a Dry Fly eating Rainbow

Truckee River Conditions

Flows on the Truckee River are 178cfs above town and 441cfs at Boca. Mid-day temps are 58-60 degrees and warming up. Clarity is awesome.

Truckee River Tactics

Truckee River Tactics right now are fish whatever you want. Dry Fly, Dry/dropper, Indo Nymphing, Euro Nymphing, Tenkara, and Streamers. All are taking fish. The evening has been best for Dry Fly fishing with all of the bugs present. Caddis have been popular with the fishes.

Truckee River Suggested Flies

Truckee River Suggested Flies for dries: Parachute Adams 10-14, Thorax Dun 12-14, Elk Hair Caddis 14-16, Little Yellow Stone 12-14, Stimulator 10-16, Royal Wulff 10-14, Chubby Chernoble 10, Double Dutch 8-10, Ants 10-16, Quigley Cripples 10-14, Missing link 14, and E/C Caddis 14-16. For nymphs: Iron Salley 14-16, Haresear 12-14, Burks Bottom Roller 14-16, Micro May 16-20, Rainbow Warrior 16-20, Zebra Midge 18-22, Pheasant Tail10-14, Flashback PT 12-14, Perdigons 16-18, SJW, Copper Johns 10-14, Prospector 14-16, Frenchie 12 -16, Rubber legs 6-10, Kauffman Stone 8-10, Twenty Incher 8-10, and Princes 10-16. For streamers: Sculpzilla 8, Wooley Bugger 6-8, and Baby Fat Minnow 8.

Truckee River Summary

The Truckee River is fishing great right now. All styles of Fly Fishing can take fish. The Dryfly action has been best in the evening with subsurface styles working throughout the day. As the water drops it is going to warm up quickly.

Little Truckee River Conditions

The flows on the Little Truckee River are 85cfs. Sounds like the water temp is up with water coming over the spillway from the top of Stampede.

Little Truckee River Tactics

Little Truckee River Tactics are going the favor the technically proficient angler. Whether fishing dries, nymphing, or both. Time to lengthen the leader, drop a tippet size and execute some good drifts. Wouldn't hurt to leave the white shirt at home as well.

Little Truckee River Suggested Flies

For Dries: Parachute Adams 14-22, Ants 10-12, Elk Hair Caddis 14-16, E/C Caddis 14/16, Quigley Cripple 16-20, Thorax Dun 16-22, Hackle Stacker 16, Emergers 16-20, RS2 20, Griffiths Gnat 18-20, Ants 14-16, and Compara Dun 16-20. For nymphs: Haresear 14-18, Burks Bottom Roller 14-16, HBI 16-18, Brassie 16-20, AP nymph 16-20, Micro May 16-20, Rainbow Warrior 16-20, Barrs emerger 14-18, Pheasant Tail 14-20, Flashback PT 14-20, Juju Beatis 16-18, Perdigons 16-18, SJW, Copper Johns 12-16, Zebra Midge 16-20, and Princes 16-18.

Little Truckee River Summary

The Little Truckee River is fishing well with good hatches throughout the day. Use some stealth at these lower flows for better success.

Two guys holding a brook trout
Gabe and I finding the fat Brook Trout

Other Venues

There is many opportunities out there if your willing to look. Prosser, Boca, and Stampede continue fishing well with all the water still coming in. Milton is fishing like Milton with the water level higher than it has been for a while. The smaller streams are coming into shape and worth a visit. Take your bug spray!

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