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Truckee Tahoe Fly Fishing Report May 20th, 2023

This report will focus on Truckee River, Little Truckee River, and some other high water options. Spring is here and it feels more like mid-summer with the high 70's. Combined with heat and all the snow we received this cold winter runoff is all happening now. The fish are still there and they gotta eat. You will have to work hard to get your junk down and keep it in front of the fish. Deep nymphing and streamers are the way to go. On the other hand, the reservoirs are all fishing well around here including Davis and Frenchmans. If you like catching then give the reservoirs a shot.

A word of caution! At these flows the rivers are big and pushy. Watch where you step, fish with a buddy, and don't think you're going to cross water in the usual spots.

Truckee River Conditions

Truckee River Flows are 1,070cfs in town and 3700cfs at Boca. The temps are in the mid-forties in the morning and mid-fifties in the afternoon. The clarity is good. Keep in mind the current runoff is mostly natural and they are just passing the runoff through the reservoirs to the Truckee as well. Tahoe outflows have not started yet!

Truckee River Tactics

Truckee River tactics for these flows are to deep nymph with lots of split shot or fish weighted streamers on a heavy tip/line. The fish will be in the softer slower water along the edges, seams, and eddys. Don't worry about the middle. Use bigger flies that the fish can see, both nymphs and streamers. Junk flies are always worth a shot. Then start covering the water.

Truckee River Suggested Flies

Truckee River suggested flies for these conditions should have some of these attributes: Heavy, Big, and Gaudy. Big Stones and SJW's seem to do the trick nymphing. And big #4 Sculpzilla's for streamers.

Truckee River Summary

Truckee River is running very high - be cautious wading. Fish the slower deeper edges with heavy nymphs and/or heavy streamers. Cover the water well and move on. Its not a numbers game right now. You're looking for the Moby Trout encounter here.

Little Truckee River Conditions

Little Truckee River is 665cfs and water temps are in the upper forties. Clarity is good. The feeder streams are all dumping a ton of water, as well.

Little Truckee River Tactics

Little Truckee River tactics; there are a couple of options. Nymphing and streamers at these flows are a good choice. However, in the bigger slower pools you will see fish working on top at various times. So, better take all the rods and make hole to hole decisions.

Little Truckee River Suggested Flies

For Dries: Parachute Adams 14-22, Quigley Cripple 16-20, Thorax Dun 16-22, Hackle Stacker 16, Emergers 16-20, RS2 20, Griffiths Gnat 18-20, and Compara Dun 16-20. For nymphs: Haresear 14-18, Burks Bottom Roller 14-16, HBI 16-18, Brassie 16-20, AP nymph 16-20, Micro May 16-20, Rainbow Warrior 16-20, Barrs emerger 14-18, Pheasant Tail 14-20, Flashback PT 14-20, Juju Beatis 16-18, Perdigons 16-18, SJW, Glow Bugs, Copper Johns 12-16, Zebra Midge 16-20, and Princes 16-18. For streamers try Wooley Buggers 6-8, Sculpzilla 8, Baby Swim Coach 6, and Muddler Minnow 8-6.

Little Truckee River Summary

Little Truckee River is running high at the moment. Approach wading with caution. It is fishable for dries, nymphs, and streamers in various holes. Take all the rods and adjust as needed.

Prosser, Boca, Stampede Reservoirs

Prosser, Boca, and Stampede Reservoirs are fishing pretty good right now. These stillwater's are a great alternative to the rivers if wading is an issue for you. You currently do not need a boat or floating device to reach the fish. Walking the shoreline is perfect. Indicator nymphing and streamers on a sinking line have been working well. I would think that this would apply to Davis Lake and Frenchman's Lake up in Plumas County. Both good spring opportunities when the rivers are high.

I offer stillwater trips, both walk and wade and from my floating lazyboy of a raft. Lets go!

For Reservations Call 530-386-0525

Reservoir Conditions

None of the reservoirs are currently full as they are passing the runoff through to the Truckee River. Clarity is good and water temps are in the high fifty's in the main body and much colder near the inlets.

Reservoir Tactics

Reservoir tactics are pretty standard. Indicator nymphing and etreamer techniques are both pretty effective. The fish are up in the shallows currently, so no need for super heavy gear. A type II sinking line or intermediate are just fine. Target the inlets, including the seasonal ones that are small rivers currently, outlets, points, and obvious drop-offs. Look for the eagles and osprey. They will tell you where the fish are.

Reservoir Suggested Flies

Suggested flies for the reservoir. For Nymphing: Pheasant tail 14-10, Flashback PT 14-10, Haresear 12-14, Callibeatis nymphs 12-14, Balanced leech 8-10, Sheep's Creek10-14, Damsels 8-10, and Midges 12-16. For Streamers: Wooley Bugger 8-10, Bunny Leeches 8-10, Sculpzilla 4-8, and Muddler Minnow 6-10.

Reservoir Summary

The reservoirs of our area are fishing great right now. Good alternative to the Truckee and Little Truckee Rivers. Indicator nymphing and streamers on a sinking line will work fine. Wander the shoreline or hit up one of the many inlets.

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